What is Hypnotherapy?

The aim of hypnotherapy is to ensure freedom from whatever has been restricting your ability to make the most of yourself and your life.


Hypnotherapy is the applied use of hypnosis together with many well proven techniques.  This powerful combination is used to treat emotional and psychological conditions, unwanted habits and undesired feelings.  It is also very effective in promoting personal development and unlocking your inner potential.


Everyone is different, so even though many people suffer from the same problems, the way to help each one of them is different.  Hypnotherapy uses proven strategies and techniques in a treatment plan that is designed just for you.


Hypnotherapy is also a complementary treatment for some medical and psychological issues, such as pain management, stress-related illness and high blood pressure.  In these cases I work closely with your doctor to make sure that using hypnotherapy is appropriate for your situation and that the treatment plan meets with their approval.


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