Hypnotherapy is not about being "zapped" by hypnosis and being cured in one quick session.


However, hypnotherapy is very effective and for most conditions 4 sessions are usually adequate.

Firstly your hypnotherapy sessions are completely confidential at all times.


Your first session is a free consultation where we discuss your issue and I outline all the options available to you and explain the costs involved.  This ensures that you are fully informed of what the treatment plan is together with the total cost before you begin treatment


At your first session you will learn about hypnosis and understand how your conscious and unconscious mind operates.  After all your questions have been answered, I explain the treatment plan that I have designed specifically for you and upon your agreement, we begin your journey to the life you want.


The first treatment session typically lasts 1.5 hours, with all subsequent sessions taking approximately 1 hour.

My aim is always to help you in as short a time as possible.  In many cases you may be treated in just 2 or 3 visits.  When you complete your treatment plan you will leave with new self-help techniques to make the most of the progress you will have made during your time with me.